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Ginkgo: Nature's Way to Improve Intellectual Functioning

Monique Hawkins

Humans are starting to live longer. Unfortunately, for some people, the aging process can result in impaired intellectual functions. However, this need not happen. Maintaining a good and nutritious eating plan, continuing physical activity, and engaging in challenging mental activities can all help one retain their mental clarity for years.

Why Humans Can Suffer from Impaired Mental Functioning

Why are humans potentially suffering from impaired mental functioning? There appears to be three primary reasons for this: The first reason is because the brain cells begin to decline. This can be caused by damage from free radicals. Also, there appears to be a gradual loss of some of the conductivity of the brain's neuron membranes.

Second, at the body begins to age, it does not absorb nutrients as effectively as it did in the younger years. The science team from USANA Health Sciences states: "The brain requires adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients to form properly. As we age, our gastrointestinal system absorbs essential nutrients from food less efficiently, and the circulatory system becomes less effective in delivering oxygen to the tissues. To function optimally in our later years, the central nervous system needs help to obtain the nutrients it needs."

Third, one's intellectual functioning can be impacted by the earth's toxic environment. The environment subjects everyone to pollutants such as insecticides, solvents, and heavy metals that can cause damage to brain tissue. In addition, the body's response to stress restricts blood circulation in the brain, which, in turn decreases the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Research has shown that long term stress can cause damage to brain cells.

The Benefits of Ginkgo

The question is, how can Ginkgo help support the brain's cells? As it turns out, this herbal supplement has many benefits. The Chinese have used this herb for many, many years and Europeans have been using Ginkgo leaves for decades to enhance memory, attention span, and other neurological activity. Another good thing about Ginkgo is that extracts from it helps promote the antioxidant activity in the brain. This increases the brain's ability to fight free radical damage.

The most important role, once more according to USANA Health Sciences' science team, is Ginkgo's ability to enhance blood circulation throughout the body and improve oxygenation to the brain. More oxygen to the brain means more efficient use of nutrients which, in turn, results in better mental performance, memory, and overall cognitive functioning.

The good news is that aging does not have to mean a person will suffer from decreased cognitive functioning, decreased memory, or a overall poor functioning brain. Everyone has the potential to be mentally alert, be in optimal health, and live a long and full life.

Copyright 2005 Monique Hawkins

Monique Hawkins is an Associate with USANA Health Sciences. One of her passions is encouraging and supporting others to obtain optimal health and wellness. Visit, and her music box website at

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