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Have You Found Those Keys Yet?

Constance Weygandt

We have all misplaced our keys from time to time. Item that have gone missing in my home have been articles of clothing, paperwork, and tools. Once I searched, at length, for a half gallon of milk that I knew I had seen on the counter. I found it in the cabinet where I keep the glasses. There is a method to my madness. Sometimes items go missing because we’re distracted due to over-scheduling. While we are in our twenties and thirties, forgetfulness is a source of mirth. When we hit our forties, forgetfulness can become a source of anxiety. I have three tips for maintaining a healthy mind, as we age.

1. Take a Walk. Studies have shown that people who walk for thirty minutes a day, three days a week, are healthier and more mentally alert than those who do not.

2. Break Up the Monotony. Do something different every day. If you normally brush your teeth with your right hand, use your left. If possible, take a different route to work. Disrupt your routine in small ways. If you wash your face, brush your teeth and comb your hair, in that order every evening, change the order. Scientist believe that doing something new or different every day causes the synapses to fire in our brains.

3. Ginkgo Biloba. There have been vast and exhaustive studies on this herb. Research has shown that not only does Ginkgo Biloba increase blood flow to the brain but also to the organs of the body. It can increase metabolism. It improves both long and short term memory. The Chinese have used this herb from the Ginkgo Biloba tree for thousands of years. Anything, that has been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, is worth taking a look at.

There are other things we can do to stay mentally alert, as we age. Try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Smile. A smile is a smile, is a smile, to our brains. We get the same beneficial effects from smiling even if we are faking it.

A word of caution: do not take ginkgo if you are on aspirin therapy or taking a blood clotting agent. Do not take it if you are on an anti-depressant. As always, inform your doctor of any herbs or supplements that you may be taking before surgery and consult your physician before trying anything new.

Constance Weygandt is a an author, speaker and balance mentor.. For more information or to sign up for Constance's newsletter, visit her website at

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