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Treat Your Hair Loss From the Inside Out

Willie Jones

In earlier articles I have talked about topical treatments for hair loss but in this article I would like to put attention on why one can experience hair loss in the first place and I can tell you, it is not from a topical deficiency. Although topical applications have been successful, I think one needs to address the root of the problem as well. Letís face it, we all want the quick fix and it canít be soon enough especially if you are suffering.

The problem is that hair loss is something that builds up over time (even though hair loss can seem to be sudden), but the truth is, there is a runway before hair loss starts to occur.

In some cases, it is genetic. Grandpa or your dad or mothers family has a history of hair loss and you may be the unfortunate one that inherits from them. In some cases it is long term poor diet or over use of chemicals, hormonal imbalances, radiation etcetera.

In any case, there is a lot you can do internally to prevent, slow down or reverse hair loss. I know this with certainty because my husband, whose hair line receded and a bald spot was forming on the back of his head, had completely reversed his condition using natural vitamins and herbs and a good diet. Today he has a full head of dark hair.

If your hair loss is genetic, then DHT is the culprit. The body produces testosterone and this coupled with an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase in the hair folicles, produces DHT (increased testosterone) which causes hair loss in men. The hair follicles in the affected area will start to shrink and blood flow slows until gradually you have hair loss.

Poor diet not only can create hair loss but overall ill health. It is not uncommon to experience excessive hair loss if your body has been subjected to a high calorie low nutrient diet. The average American diet is far off the mark from grandma and grandpas diets rich in protein, nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and grains. Our modern day diets consist of high calorie, high fat, and a lot of invented foods in the name of profit. Your grandparents didnít eat processed foods with nitrates and food preservatives and pesticides, but Iím willing to bet these are in at least some of your foods! This diet is a set up for poor health with many consequences including hair loss.

Changing your diet to include hormone free meats, organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains along with drinking a lot of water, will in the long run make you healthier and increase the blood flow to the scalp.

To get a jump start for hair loss prevention or reversal, there are herbs, vitamins and minerals you can take along with your new diet changes. They are:


Saw Palmetto, sage, rosemary, ginkgo biloba


A good B Complex and vitamin C


Zinc, Selenium, iodine, copper and iron, lysine

Fatty acids:

Omega 3 and omega 6

All of these are essential for hair health as well as general health. You may find making these changes will also give you a boost in energy.

There are many topical solutions that work but if you couple that with cleansing the inside as well and returning the body to an alkaline state from proper diet and supplements, you may have more success handling your individual hair loss problem.

This article was written for informational purposes only. Theses statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and one should seek a licensed medical professional before undertaking any treatment.

Willie is a freelance writer, researcher and artist whoís dedicated in bringing information on health related issues and other topics.

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