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Ginkgo Biloba for Memory


Ginkgo biloba has mutilple perhaps one of its most important benefits is boosting the memory whether short or long.

Ginkgo biloba for memory has been used in various parts of the word for several thousands of years. Being a living fossil, the is oldest tree in the world is a sourc for medicinal herbs too. Widespread use of ginkgo biloba started in China some 5,000 years or so ago. As a matter of fact, people above 50 are using ginkgo biloba for memory more and more.

It is commonly held belief that ginkgo biloba for memory can counter memory lapses and restore it.

Ginkgo biloba for memory contains flavenoids and terpenoids. These two major components of ginkgo biloba for memory have beneficial effect to the brain. So much so that ginkgo biloba is called as a brain tonic. Flavenoids can control free radicals that can cause premature aging and dementia. The central nervous system is especially susceptible to these disorders. These flavenoid compounds could stabilize cell membranes and blood vessel and red blood cells more flexible, allowing blood to flow more freely in the tiny capillaries that feed the deepest parts of the brain, limbs, hands and other extremities. Because of these important characteristic sof flavenoids, increase blood flow to the brain results in increase in oxygen in turn enhancing the brain function including memory, concentration and problem solving. When a person aged, blood flow functions also weakened. Thereby, causing memory loss.

Terpenoids have ginkgolides that block platelet activating factor (PAF). PAF is a blood clotting substance. Overstimulation of PAF could lead to asthma, allergies and stroke.

Ginkgo biloba for memory is recommended to treat degenerating disease such as Alzheimer’s. In Germany, using ginkgo biloba for memory in treating Alzheimer’s has been approved recently. A recommended dosage of 240 mg of ginkgo biloba for memory should be taken daily in order to counter this disease.

The Journal of American Medical Assoicaiton published in October 1997 revealed that daily use of ginkgo biloba for memory extract could delay Alzheimer’s by six to 12 months. This study has catapulted ginkgo bilboa for memory to the forefront of combating memory-related disorders.

Ginkgo biloba for memory could be a potent antidote to memory loss. If develop further, this ginkgo biloba for memory has potentials to cure numerous memory-related problems that plague the old and some young people to this day.

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